ZAP Cubez 3 Pack Variety Caffeinated Energy Chew - 36 count

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(4 servings per pack. 3 packs gives you total of 12 servings)

Our POMEGRANATE CHOCOLATE is so exotic! We've combined luscious dark chocolate with a burst of rich fruit flavors of the Mediterranean. Take a bite of freshness with our MINT DARK CHOCOLATE. Our ORANGE DARK CHOCOLATE is filled with sunshine goodness in every chew.

ZAP Cubez is perfect for when you got a lot of things to do but just don’t have the energy to do it. A perfect balance of just the right amount of caffeine plus healthy vitamins B6 and B12. Great way to start off your day or the perfect pick me up in the afternoon.

Our ZAP Cubez caffeinated chocolate energy chew is ideal for diet and calorie-conscious adults. Only 50mg of caffeine per cube so you control how much or little caffeine you need. And each power cube is only 20 little calories!

Each pouch is perfectly packaged with 12 caffeinated chocolate chews featuring a resealable top to maintain the fresh chocolately goodness inside. ZAP Cubez Caffeinated Chocolate is a delicious way to stay awake, get energized and stay focused.


  • 4 servings per pack. So 3 packs gives you 12 servings
  • Healthy boost of desired energy
  • The perfect "grab and go" energy solution
  • Contains antioxidants from chocolate
  • Supports physical energy with B-Vitamins
  • No artificial colors of flavors
  • Extra boost without jitters or jolt
  • Made in the USA from FDA approved facility

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